Inventory and products are constantly changing, which gives both us and you the opportunity to take advantage of these great offers. Floor models are either lightly used in the showroom or have not been used at all. Before floor models are sold our trained technicians perform a full service & maintenance to ensure our customers receive a pristine quality product! Our floor model stoves and fireplaces all include a six month warranty on all parts, labor not included. Manufacturer’s warranty active with all units.

Gas Inserts

Heat n’ Glo Escape I30

*30” Gas Insert *36,000 BTUs *Variable Fan *Back-Up Battery System *Anti-Reflective Glass *Clear Vue Screen *Illuminated Ember Bed * Patented Firebrick Interior

*Includes RC300 Remote, Halston Front in black finish

Original Cost: $4,513.95

Sale Price:       $3,159.00

Heat n’ Glo Escape I35

*35” Gas Insert *40,000 BTUs *Variable Fan *Back-Up Battery System *Anti-Reflective Glass *Clear Vue Screen *Illuminated Ember Bed * Patented Firebrick Interior

*Includes RC300 Remote, Iron Age Front in graphite finish

Original Cost: $4,747.45

Sale Price:       $3,323.00

Enviro EX35

35” Gas Insert *35,000 BTUs *Variable Fan *Back-Up Battery System *Top Firebox Lighting *Adjustable Ember Bed Lighting

*Includes Remote and Designer Series Surround in copper coated finish

Original Cost: $5,153.90

Sale Price:       $3,450.00


 Regency Horizon HRI6E

*38,000 BTUs *Variable Fan *Back-Up Battery System *Remote Control

*Contemporary linear fire bed with reflective black enamel panels and driftwood logs. Vignette faceplate with vignette inlay.

Original Cost: $4,700.60

Sale Price:       $3,290.00

Gas Fireplaces

Regency Bellavista B36XTCE

*31,000 BTUs *Electronic Ignition w/ Surefire Switch *Back-Up Battery System

* Includes remote, variable speed blower, rustic brick panel surround

Original Cost: $3,911.80

Sale Price:       $2,425.00

  • Complete this fireplace with granite surround and mantle * Additional $775.00

Heat n’ Glo 6000CLX

*44,000 BTUs * Electronic Ignition w/Intellifire Ignition Touch System *Back-Up Battery System *Premium Fiber Logs *LED Accent Lighting

*Includes RC400 touch screen remote, variable speed blower, Stratford Refractory Interior Brick Panels, Chateau Forge Hand Crafted Front

Original Cost: $6,313.95

Sale Price:       $4,482.00


Heat n’ Glo Cerona 36” Arched Gas Fireplace

*37,000 BTUs *Multi-Function Wall Switch *Back-Up Battery System *Traditional Brick Firebox

*Includes variable speed blower and Chateau Arched Front

Original Cost: $5,254.45

Sale Price:       $3,940.00


Enviro C44 Linear Gas Fireplace

38,000 BTUs *Electronic Ignition *High-Definition Driftwood Log Set w/ River Rocks

*Includes remote, Interior Fluted Liner, Cool Surface Wall System

Original Cost: $5,995.25

Sale Price:       $4,016.00


Heat n’ Glo 48” Mezzo See Through Fireplace

*40,000 BTUs *Variable Fan Kit * Back-Up Battery System *Black Glass Refractory *Double-Sided *LED Ember Bed

*Includes RC300 Remote, cobalt blue and clear glass media and Two Clean Face Trim Fronts

Original Cost: $8,125.45

Sale Price:       $4,037.00

Pellet Stoves & Inserts

Pellet Stoves:

Enviro M55 Pellet Stove

*Cast Iron Construction. Tri-mode thermostat. Heating Area 2,500 ft², Max Input BTUs 55,000, Efficiency 60.3%, Convection Fan 300 CFM, EPA Emissions 1.82 gms, Hopper Capacity 60 lbs.

*Unit Dims*30” W x 32” H x 28” D

Original Cost: $5,174.00

Sale Price:       $3,400.00

Vicenza V3.4 Pellet Stove ~ White Enamel Finish

* Elegant ceramic top cover. 5 manual power settings or set on modulation mode which will auto-adjust to maintain desired room temperature. High temperature powder coated steel coverings. Dedicated variable convection room fan with whisper quiet operation modes. 7 day / 4 event thermostat. 750° heat resistant ceramic glass. Dual glass for hidden interior and clean appearance

*Ultra-efficient heat exchanger with automated cleaning system. Approximate Maximum Heating Capacity 800 – 2,000 sq. ft. Burn Rate *11,800 – 34,600 Btu/h *Emissions 1.064 g/hr. *Maximum Burn Time on Low Burn 21hrs. *Hopper Capacity               29.7lb.

*Unit Dimensions: 18” W x 39”H x 23”D

Original Cost: $2,773.95

Sale Price:       $1,747.00

Pellet Inserts:

Enviro Meridian Pellet Insert

Large arched bay door with antique bronze trim. Tri-mode thermostat. Remote thermostat compatible. Large heat exchanger. Fluted Liner and 40” x 30” Surround Panel included.

*Heating Area 2,000 ft² *Max Input BTU 45,000 *Efficiency 69.7% *Convection Fan160 CFM *EPA Emissions 0.89 gms *Hopper Capacity 55 lbs

* Install Dims*22” W x 22 3⁄4” H x 11” D

Original Cost: $5,162.95

Sale Price:       $4,130.00


Enviro M55 Pellet Insert ~ Antique Chestnut Finish

*Antique Chestnut Finish. Cast iron construction. Multi-fuel compatible. Air wash system for cleaner glass. Operates with cast doors open or closed. Includes decorative log set and surround panel.

*Heating Area 2,500 ft² *Max Input BTU 55,000 *Convection Fan 200 CFM *EPA Emissions1.82 gms

*Hopper Capacity 60 lbs

*Install Dims*25” W x 23” H x 16” D

Original Cost: $6764.00

Sale Price:       $5,300.00

Wood Stoves & Inserts

Wood Fireplace

Wood Stoves:

Regency Cascades F2500

*Steel Wood Stove *78,000 BTU’s, 81% efficiency, 1.0 gms/hr emissions, up to 18″ log back-front and side-side

*Standard unit includes: black body, brick set, baffles, air tubes, andirons, catalytic combustor, catalytic thermometer, air & bypass operating tool, front mounted air adjustment & catalytic bypass, and rear heat deflector.

*Includes cast iron brushed nickel legs and cast iron black classic door with nickel accent.

Original Cost: $3,841.25

Sale Price:       $3,265.00


Wood Inserts:

Napoleon S20i Wood Insert

*Contemporary wood stove complete with contemporary cast door. Up to 65,000 BTU, 1.9 cu. ft. firebox capacity, burn time: 8 hours, weighted average emissions rate: 2.25 g/hr, weighted average overall efficiency: 72%, Tested to 2020 cord wood requirements, Hidden hinges and extra-large glass viewing area.

*Minimum fireplace opening: 25 7/8″W x 22″H x 14″D

*Dual blower system included

Original Cost: $2,821.20

Sale Price:       $2,398.00


Regency Hampton Hi500 Wood Insert

*Large hybrid wood burning fireplace insert, delivering up to 14 hours of heat with a single load of wood; fuel is used to its full potential with only 1.3 g/hr. of emissions and 79% efficiency. 22” log size. Cast iron construction.

*Minimum Fireplace Opening: 29” W x 21 ¾”H x 19”D

*Includes Cast Iron Faceplate with Decorative Grill and 2 Speed Blower

Original Cost: $5,306.55

Sale Price:       $4,510.00

Gas Stoves

Enviro Westley

Original Price: $3,703.15

Sale Price: $ 3,152.00

  • Ultra High Definition Log Set
  • Heavy duty heat exchanger.
  • Cast Iron body and legs.
  • Stainless steel burner.

Gas Log Sets

We are sorry there are no floor model pellet appliances on sale at this time. Check back with us soon!

Hearth Products

  • Presidential Washington Mantel

Sale Price $650.00 Original $1,375.00

Overall measurements:

74″W x 47 1/2″H

  • Solid Oak
  • No MDF or Fiberboard
  • 9″ Wide legs
  • 16″ High Breast Boards
  • Large 5″ Crown
  • 1 1/2″ Thick Shelf

Design Specialties Caroline Fireplace Doors (Overlap Fit)

Sale Price $600.00

Measurements:      36″W x 28.75″H,  Inside Opening  34.5″W x 27.5″H

  • Window Pane Style
  • Twin Gate mesh
  • Grey Glass bio-fold doors
  • Birdcage handle
  • Solar Bronze Finish

Stoll Industries Bar Iron Fireplace Doors (Inside Fit)

Sale Price $1,218.75

Measurements: Inside Frame – 31 1/2″ W x 37 7/16″ H Finish Frame – 35 1/2 W x 31″ H

  • Burnished Bronze Finish
  • Grey Glass
  • Cabinet style mesh doors

Stoll Industries Bar Iron Fireplace Doors (Inside Fit)

Sale Price: $1,218.75

Measurements: Inside Frame – 34 1/8″ W x 28 3/4″ H  Finish Frame – 35 1/4″ W x 29 1/2″ H

  • Burnish Bronze Finish
  • Grey Glass
  • Cabinet style mesh doors